The Memecoin that's About to Shake Up the Ethereum Blockchain.


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About Us

Welcome to the playground of finance, where memes meet money and fun becomes the game of the Ethereum network! We’re talking about none other than $BONK, the meme coin that’s set to make your crypto experience more amusing, exciting, and bonkers than ever!

In a world where finance often feels monotonous, $BONK is a breath of fresh air. Infusing humor and joy into the world of blockchain technology, $BONK isn’t just another crypto coin, it’s a revolution wrapped in laughter and fueled by the Ethereum Network.

It’s time to say goodbye to the dull and drab world of conventional finance, and say hello to $BONK! This cheeky memecoin has been crafted with the sole purpose of bringing the fun back to the Ethereum network.

Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the wild side of crypto. With $BONK, you’re not just investing in a coin, you’re joining a community that believes in the power of fun. So buckle up, and get ready to BONK! 💥🚀

Remember, with $BONK, we’re not just making money, we’re making memes! Welcome to the future of fun finance!

Hold on to your hats, and let's $BONK to the moon! 🚀🌕💥


1,000,000,000 $BONK


CEX Reserved


Twitter Airdrop & Giveaway 



Liquidity Locked

1% Tax


How to Buy


Go to MetaMask and download and install


Send $ETH to your Metamask wallet  


Go to Uniswap. Choose ETH Search for $BONK token Address.


Enter amount and Buy


Join the $BONK revolution and be a part of a community that doesn’t just invest but also enjoys the ride! Break the norms, bend the rules and most importantly, let’s $BONK the conventional out of finance! Let the world know, $BONK isn’t just a meme coin, it’s a movement.

@2023 Bonk Coin ERC